Park Art: Untitled Bentham
(1971 Welded Steel)

Wascana Park

Park Art

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August 2003   Located (2003) in the field north of the
  T.C. Douglas Building.

  Artist: Douglas Bentham, R.C.A.
  (Canadian, born Rosetown, Sask 1947)
has been a full-time sculptor based in Saskatoon since 1969. In 1979 he wrote "For as long as I have been making objects I have been concerned with how these objects 'sit' -how they occupy space in relation to the ground, to the sky. The vastness of the prairies, the enviroment in which the majority of my sculptor is made and first displayed, is an imposing one. To hold its own in space, to keep it from being 'blown away' visually (and sometimes physically!), sculpture must display a firm conviction for position, for presence -a visual stability and place". (artscanada, Oct-Nov. 1979)

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