Park Art: Rondo
(1978 Welded Steel)

Wascana Park

Park Art

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August 2003   Located (2003) in the field north of the
  T.C. Douglas Building.

  Artist: Peter Hide (British, born Surrey, England 1944)
studied under British sculpto Sir Anthony Caro in the mid-1960s and was instrumental in establishing Stockwell Depot in London as a centre for painters and sculptors. Rondo was created one year after Hide's move to Canada to teach at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. The sculpture reveals Hide's interest in compressed, monolithic forms which brige the modern tradition of steel collage and earlier figurative sculpture of artists such as Rodin. Hide who has had a wide influence on sculpture in western Canada and Britain, is represented in museum collections across Canada as well as in London, Barcelona, Boston and Kyoto.

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