Park Art: Mother and Child II
(1941-1945, bronze)

Wascana Park

Park Art

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September 2001   Located (2003) south of the T.C. Douglas Building.

   Artist: Jacques Lipchitz
  (American, born Lithuania 1891 - died 1973)
Jacques Lipchitz is acknowledged as one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century. Trained in Paris, Lipchitz fuses in this work, the most important art movement of his time, Cubism, with the most compelling theme, the sufferings of war. The sculpture is based on his memory of a legless Russian street woman singing with her arms raised.
After moving to New York during World War II, Lipchitz transformed this memory into a sculpture that can be read both as a mother and child and as the fearsome head of a bull, the symbol of war. As such, the sculture is a powerful cry against the horrors of war and an emblem of the hope of rebirth.

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September 1999