Wascana Park





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                              ... a place for people!

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Not only is Wascana Centre the largest urban
park in Saskatchewan, it is also one of the
most important places for events. Certrally
located in a beautiful setting and home to some
of the province's most important institutions, the
Centre has been the site of many celebrations
rallies and gatherings of local and provincial
significance. Many have occurred in the area
immediately surrounding the Legislative
Building, in Saskatchewan's Capital.

In early years, these gatherings were typically
formal affairs such as war remembrance
celebrations, gatherings in honour of the Royal
Family and official activities associated with
the provincial government. In recent years, the
types of events staged near the Legislative have
broadened to include more festive and public
oriented activities and special gatherings,

Other sites in the Wascana Centre area are
also well known places for special events.
The open fields and easy accessibility of Wascana
Centre's sports venues have played host to
numerous sporting events, including the 2005
Canada Summer Games. Untold numbers of
theatre and concert presentations have been
staged at the Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts,
University of Regina and other cultural venues
within the Centre.