Wascana Park




Interpretive Panel:
Regina's Own "Central Park"

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Located in the middle of the city, Wascana
has become a source of pride for
both the people of Regina and Saskatchewan.
Once barren prairie, it is a testament to the vision, determination, and optimism of our forefathers.
The Centre has contributed significantly to Regina's
rich mosaic of history of history. Time has cemented the relationship between Wascana Centre and the city that loves it. Today every Reginan can benefit from what the Centre has to offer.

For those people looking for recreation and
relaxation, Wascana Centre is there to provide
it. During the summer months there can always
be found a friendly game of soccer, Frisbee, catch,
ot touch football on the many lawns of the Centre.
There are playgrounds for the young. For those
more competitive in nature, Wascana's Douglas
Park provides a variety of tennis courts, a running
track, cricket pitches, ball diamonds, football
and soccer fields and of course the lake that lays
before you! Wascana Lake provides an endless
oppotunity for leisure and competitive water
activities. In the winter the Centre comes alive
with cross-country skiing, skating and tobogganing


enthusiasts. Throughout all seasons the pathways
of Wascana Centre are crowded with walkers,
joggers and cyclists looking for a few minutes
of exercise.

Wascana Centre is the home of numerous
institutions which contribute to the stimulating of
minds. It houses the University of Regina, the First
Nations University of Canada and the Saskatchewan
Institute of Applied Science and Technology. Plays,
concerts and symphonies can be enjoyed at the
Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts. The Royal
Saskatchewan Museum takes it's visitors back
in time, while the Saskatchewan Science Centre
provides a glimpse into the future. And don't miss
the Kramer IMAX Theatre! Those people with a
taste for art can enjoy time spent at the MacKenzie
and joe moran Art Galleries viewing regional,
national and international works.


Visitors can learn more about all of the features
of Wascana Centre by visiting Wascana Place, at
2900 Wascana Drive.

...and this source of pride
has so much to offer!


"The park sits in its silence in the middle of one of the most incredible cities in the worls. Regina.....The little town
that not only could, but did....It is a city that from the very beginning had the imagination of 1,000 children, the
strength of a mountain, the nerve of Houdini, the stamina of a farmer at harvest, the dedication of a heart surgeon.
How else can you explain, describe, comprehend, the turning of all these acres of dirt and dust and scrub grass and
loneliness and nothingness into a place that has become on of the great cities in the country?"

       -Bob Hughes "The Big Dig"