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July 24, 2003
East Side

July 24, 2003
South Side

Memorial Statue
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Monuments and Memorials:
World War I Memorial

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Located west of the Saskatchewan Legislative building.
Near Albert Street.

There are numerous names plaques on the inside walls.

The Saskatchewan War Memorial was completed in 1995 in
memory of 5,348 men and women from Saskatchewan who were killed
in the First World War and is located between the Saskatchewan Legislative Building
and Albert Street.

The Memorial Statue was built in 1926 by the 28th Battalion Association
and has two plaques, the first in memory of those who lost their lives in WW1,
the second, added in 1986, in honour of the members of the
1st Battalion, Regina Rifle Regiment, who fell in WWII.
It now forms the north corner of the memorial.

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