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April 14, 2006

April 14, 2006

Monuments and Memorials:

Located in front of PTRC ,
6 Research Drive, University of Regina

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  Pumpjacks like this one are the emblem of Saskatchewan's
vibrant oil industry. Their up-and-down motion is a familiar site
wherever petroleum is located: in the province's southeast, southwest,
and west central regions.
A pumpjack is used to pump oil to the surface from underground rock
or sand formations located at depths ranging from 425 to 2,855 metres.
The jack is connected by a string of steel rods to a pump placed
at the bottom of an oil well, and it powers the pump by moving up
and down to raise and lower the rod string.

But the pumpjack is slowly vanishing, being replaced by more efficient
(if less eye catching) pumping technology.
Advances in technology help to drive Saskatchewan's oil production,
the second highest in Canada at about one-fifth of the total.
The province has 5.4 billion cubic metres of oil, but less
than 15% of this resource can be recovered with current
economics and technology.

The Petroleum Technology Research Centre, which is housed in this
building, was established to develop new technologies to enhance
the production of our petroleum resource. The PTRC is a partnership
of Natural Resources Canada, Saskatchewan Industry and Resources,
the University of Regina, and the Saskatchewan Resource Council.