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Charles Avery Dunning


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Arriving in Saskatchewan from England in 1902. Dunning
soon became a leader in the farmers' movement. After
pioneer work on cooperative marketing and farm credit,
Dunning became the first general manager (1911-1916)
of the Saskatchewan Cooperative Elevator Company. He
urged agrarian groups to avoid third-party politics, and
channelled farmers' discontent into support for the
Liberal Party. In a political career lasting from 1916
to 1939, he was premier of Saskatchewan (1922-1926)
and was twice federal Minister of finance. A successful
business career followed his retirement from politics.

Arrivé d'Angleterre en 1902, Dunning devint un des
leaders des fermiers de la Saskatchewan. Pionnier du
mouvement coopératif et du crédit agricole, il fut le
premier directeur général (1911-1916) de la
Saskatchewan Cooperative Elevator Company. Il ineita
les fermiers à délaisser les tiers partis et transforma
leur mécontentement en un appui au Parti liberal. Au
cours de sa carriere politique, de 1916 à 1939, il fut
premier ministre de la Saskatchewan (1922-1926) et
deux fois ministre fédéral des Finances. Sa retraite lui
permit de devenir un homme d'affaires prospère.

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