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Allan Emrys Blakeney Monument

Located west of the Legislative Building.

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Allan Emrys Blakeney
1925 - 2011

  Law Degree - Dalhousie Law School Leader of the Opposition, 1982 - 1987  
  Rhodes Scholarship - Queen's College, Oxford Queen's Privy Council for Canada, 1982  
  Elected M.L.A., 1960 Officer of the Order of Canada, 1982  
  Appointed Minister of Public Health, 1962 Member of the Saskatchewan Order of Merit, 2000  
  Elected Leader of the NDP, 1970 Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, 2001  
Premier of Saskatchewan, 1971 - 1982
"He believed that politics is an honourable calling"

Allan Emrys Blakeney
Premier of Saskatchewan
Premier ministre de la Saskacthewan
1971 - 1982

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