Ecological Zone

1) Grassland
2) Marsh
3) Valley Walls
4) Woodland

Sept. 24, 2001


March 23, 2006


April 05, 2017


Kingsway Park Ecological Zone: Woodland
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This wooded area is dominated by Manitoba Maple and Green Ash trees. Chokecherry and Saskatoon shrubs as well as flowering plants such as Meadowrue and Fairy Bells are also common. The trees have created a habitat for certain species of wildlife such as the Downy Woodpecker. They use the trees for cavity nests and feed on insects found on and under the bark. Hollow trunks also provide a place where the male woodpeckers can "drum" to produce sounds for establishing territory and attracting mates.

Porcupines and other mammals feed on trees and shrubs. Porcupines gnaw the bark exposing the lighter coloured inside of the branch. Deer, browsing on the twigs of shrubs and young trees, leave a ragged chewed end. In contrast, shrubs browsed by rabbits and hares show a clean cut at a 45 degree angle. By standing on deep snow cover, rabbits and hares are able to reach higher up on the shrub.

(Information from a Wakamow Valley Pamphlet)