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Snaasen Pioneer Cemetery: The Snaasen Committee

The following information is from an old Estevan website

The following is a copy of a tape made at the home of Ted and Mary Lindgren on June 8/98

The last few families in the vicinity of the Snaasen Congregation were the Davidsons, Hildahls, Lindgrens and the Sandstroms. When the church was sold and moved and the bell re-dedicated to Trinity Lutheran Church in Estevan, there was little activity around there and the cemetery plot became very neglected.

After deep concern and a great deal of planning, Irene Hildahl took the initiative of seeing that there would be a clearing away of lilac bushes, caraganas, buck brush and weeds in the cemetery. So in 1978, a committee was formed to proceed with this plan. Ted Lindgren, Clarence Lindgren, Irene Hildahl and Eric Sandstrom formed the committee with Ted Lindgren president and Irene Hildahl as secretary-treasurer.

When the major ground clearing was done, by Harold Hamilton, Irene received much support from family members, Nora and Harvey Ross, the Lindgren and Sandstrom families and Edith and Everett Hildahl. Edith and Everett erected and painted a billboard with dates and names of all buried there. A flower planter with a Snaasen Cemetery sign was erected, a fence was built around the plot and pine trees were planted.

Report for video taping regarding the programs was prepared by Edna Hildahl , and presented at the home of Ted and Mary Lindgren on June 8, 1998. Ms. Hildahl also acted as liaison with the staff of the Library to prepare all information included in this web-site.

Financial assistance came from many numerous donors.