The Bell





Snaasen Pioneer Cemetery: The Bell

The following information is from an old Estevan website

The Bell
A True Memorial of the little country Church named Snaasen.

The following is from a copy of Irene Hildahl's speech on the dedication of the bell on November 10, 1974 at Trinity Lutheran Church, Estevan.

The first tolling of the bell was done by Mr. Eilert Ellefson for the funeral of the late Mr. Gilbert Flattum in 1920. The church and bell were officially dedicated later that same year. For some 20 years, its tones floated over the wide open spaces of snow covered fields and prairies. At Christmas time the pealing of this bell could be heard for miles in the still, frosty air by the residents of the area.

Upon the sale of the church the bell lay idle for approximately 25 years at the farm of Archie and Viola Hildahl. In 1974, the rust covered bell was refurbished and brought into Estevan to be housed in a metal steeple. No longer were any ropes needed as an electrical switch manipulated the tolling of the bell.

In 1974, the Trinity Lutheran Church in Estevan had to rebuild to accommodate more families and it was decided by the members of the former Snaasen congregation to have the bell re-dedicated in the new church's tower, located at the corner of 2nd Street and 8th Avenue. It contin-ues to be heard on Sunday mornings, for funerals and other occasions. The Snaasen members decided to have a program in connection with that Sunday service to reminisce about their times at the old church, complete with musical numbers. A dinner was served to all and the afternoon included more talks, singing, and fellowship.