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Snaasen Pioneer Cemetery: Presentation 1981

The following information is from an old Estevan website

The following is a copy of a presentation given by Irene Hildahl on September 20. 1981.

Memories! Memories My memories of the past are when one wondered among the tombstones here to read the names, dates and epitaphs of the deceased. Today is to me like turning the pages of an old album, we can once more wander among the tombstones, now that the brush, weeds and bushes have been somewhat removed. Memories are imprints in one's mind, that never wear out, never get lost and can never be given away. Each individual has different memories. Today we pause to remember with fondness and love, school chums, friends, relatives and neighbors buried here. May these be lasting memories for the years to come, so that this project which has just begun, may be upheld in the future.

The first funeral service in the Snaasen Church was in 1920, for the late Mr. Gilbert Flattum. But the first burial in the Cemetery was in 1910, for the late Mrs. John Hildahl with the last burial in 1959, for Mr. Arthur William Kemp. During the period of 45 years, there was a total of 62 burials, of which 39 were adults, 6 children and 17 infants.

Surely we haven't forsaken them, but let us honor and remember the mothers, the fathers, children and babies who lost their lives in the pioneer days. Then let us also pause and pay tribute to other former Snaasen members, who were also pioneers and contributed much to this community, but lie buried in grave sites elsewhere. Without a doubt all worshiped, worked, strived, laughed, cried and died struggling with a dream unfulfilled.

Gone is the Church building, gone are the people who made up the Church, but the Cemetery in silence bears records of the past bygone years. However, there are a remnant of the former Snaasen members who have tried to preserve the remains of this Cemetery, which almost seemed forgotten. At this time, I wish to express my sincere thanks to the committee members, thanks to all who have supported us with financial contributions, thanks to all who turned out in any way to work on the Cemetery plot. It has given us the courage to carry on to preserve the pioneer history. A special thank you is due to Ted Lindgren who, over the years, has been such a staunch supporter. When I suggested anything to be done, he would always reply, "Yes, I'll see to that." Then Mr. Hamilton also deserves to be commended, as he with his machinery came and made the initial attack on the bushes and brush which towered over the tombstones and prohibited entrance. No one else dared tackle the job. Many were the obstacles he faced.

And now, last but not least, we thank you all who are here with us today and have helped to participate in any way for this Commemoration Day. Thank you.