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McConnell Memories

Family List



The following is from pages 270 to 298 of
McConnell Little Town Lost, 1982

(there is no McConnell Memories index page in book)

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By Mrs. Myra [McPhaden] Reid Page 270
By Mrs. Gladys Hyndman: Down Memory Lane [1906 1981] Page 272
By Gordon Killoh Page 278
By Wes Pollock Page 281
By Mona [Paterson] Watt Page 283
By Doris [Hogeland] Asselstine: Memories of School Days Page 287
By Kathleen Wright [Mrs. Neb Curll]: Sounds of the 40's Page 288
By Gayleen [Scott] Stimpson: Moments to Remember Page 289
By Lynne [Pollock] Cameron Page 293
By Eleanor Thompson Page 294
By Desmond Little Page 295
Change of Postmaster Form Page 297
Post Office Change: Viola Dale to McConnell Page 298
Don't to Forget to Meet at McConnell Card Page 298