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Family Histories



The following is from pages 86 to 248 of
McConnell Little Town Lost, 1982

(there is no family history index page in book)

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Arthur Allen Family (p86) Luther Johnston (p139) Harvey Pangman (p194)
John Allen (p87) Wilfred and Janet Johnston (p140) Leslie Pangman (p195)
Arbuthnott Family (p87) Neil Johnson (p140) Parker Family (p195)
Robert Arbuthnott (p89) Gordon Killoh (p141) Hector James Paterson SR. and Family (p201)
Charles Arthur (p90) James A.L. Killoh (p145) Hector and Marion Paterson (p204)
Herbert Asselstine (p91) Robert King SR. (p145) John Petersen (p205)
William Atkinson Family (p91) Robert King JR. (p146) James Theodore Pollock (p205)
Bert Baldwin (p92) Henry Knight (p147) Andrew Pollock (p206)
Bill and Gloria Bell (p93) Goerge Knight (p147) Hubert Pollock Family (p208)
George Brereton (p93) Bert Knight (p148) William Pollock (p210)
Keith and Agnes Bridge (p94) Joseph and Kate Lindsay (p153) Don Pollock Family (p211)
John Ellesmere (Jack) Bridgeman (p95) Archibald Charles Little Family (p154) Harvey and Agnes Pollock (p213)
William H. Brown (p96) John Longmuir (p155) George and Inza Pollock (p214)
Carl Brown (p98) Lem Lutes (p156) Jesse and Lottie Richardson (p216)
Charles Corbett and
Norman Charles Brown
Michael Maksymnuk (p157) Ross Richardson (p217)
George Brown (p104) Milt Mansell (p158) Joseph Allen Richardson (p218)
Peter Cartney Family (p105) George N. McConnell (p158) Lorne and June Richardson (p218)
George Cave (p105) James Alymer McConnell Family (p160) Robert Riddell (p219)
Thomas Cave (p106) Donald McConnell (p162) John Riddick Family (p220)
George Chappell (p107) Keith McConnell (p163) Charles Robinson Family (p221)
William (Bill) Chappell (p108) Albert Robert McDougall Family (p163) George Rothnie Family (p222)
Harry and Jessie Crighton (p111) Archibald McMurachy (p164) Wilson Satterthwaite (p224)
Firmin Desrochers (p119) Daniel Stephen McMurachy (p165) James C. and Merle Scott (p231)
Henry Drake (p119) Malcolm Joseph McMurachy (p166) Wilf and Vera Skayman (p232)
Robert and Douglas Emerson (p120) Frank Middleton Family (p167) Oswald J.K. Smith Family (p233)
Gordon Emerson's Family (p121) Edward Middleton (p173) John Smith (p234)
Ivan Fleming (p122) Charlie Miller (p173) Seymour Swanson (p235)
William and George Forrest (p123) Alston Moffat (p173) Weston Sweet (p236)
William Fowlie (p124) Walter Moffat (p174) Nicholas Syrnyk (p236)
Jack Fowlie (p124) James Henry Morgan Family (p175) W.J. (Bill) and Mary Thompson (p238)
John Gregory (p127) Charlie Mundell (p176) Victor Venables (p239)
Mack Hamilton (p127) Hubert Murray (p178) Charles Watt (p239)
John Hasiuk (p127) William Oscar Newton (p179) R.P. Watt SR. (p239)
Robert P. Hedley (p129) Earl and Olive Newton (p180) Robert Watt (p240)
Robert and Lottie Hodgson (p130) Walter Nichol (p181) Cliff and Vicki Williams (p240)
George Holt (p131) Cecil Nichol (p181) Robert and Irene Wilson (p241)
John Hogeland Family (p131) Charles Nichol (p182) James Winstone Family (p245)
Horace Hogeland (p132) Bruce Nichol (p187) George Wright (p246)
George Hupka (p132) Joe and Jennie Nykoliation (p187) Jack Wright (p247)
Ralph A. Hyndman (p133) Peter and Mary Opruk (p188) Alan Wright (p247)
Elgin Hyndman Family (p134) Reuben J. Pangman (p189) Clifford Wrightson (p248)
Garnet Hyndman (p135) Andy Pangman (p191)  
Jack Jenkins (p136) James Henry Pangman (p193)