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The following is from pages 80 to 82 of
McConnell Little Town Lost, 1982

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The hall was built sometime between 1910-15. Previous to this the dances were held in the houses. Any one with a large lean-to Kitchen had the dances at their homes. One of the first fiddlers who played mostly without accompaniment, was Dan Cowling.

Harvey Pangman, Horace Hogeland, and Edna Hogeland were one of the first groups to play for dances at McConnell, Lavinia, Decker and Shoal Lake. Harvey McConnell and Bill Pollock and Elevator Agent Stan Johnson were fiddle players in the early 1920's. Followed by Archie McCloud, Cliff McCloud and Wes Morgan.

In the 1930's Bob Watt and Gordon Warden played accordion and banjo for several years. Fiddlers in the early 1930's were Jim Scott, Wes Morgan, Seymour Swanson, Harvey Pangman, Don Pollock, and Wes Pollock.

Callers for square dances were Jim Brereton, Claude Brereton, Jim Scott, Bill Miller, and Fred Caves.

Other entertainment in the form of card parties, followed by a dance were put on in the 1920's. Also a masked Halloween dance was held each fall.

Charley Newell from Strathclair, put on silent movies. A travelling entertainer by the name of Val Hall put on a magician show of card tricks, slight of hand tricks with handkerchief and hat and had a dummy, similar to Charlie McCarthy, followed by a dance with himself providing the music with a Hawiian guitar and drums.

The U.F.M. United Farmers of Manitoba held a social evening once a month all winter, which included debates on pertinent subjects of the days such as Hudson Bay Railway, School Systems, etc. This was always followed by a dance.

During the latter part of the 1920's three act plays were put on by the Drama Club and this continued till even after World War II.

Lorne McCallum had Saturday night dances for a couple of years in the latter part of the 1920's.

During the latter part of the 1930's amateur nights were held and local entertainers were Wilson Satterthwaite, and Harry Thompson.

During the summer the Ladies Aid held what were known as garden parties on the school grounds which took the form of a supper outdoors on tables.

Each year the Ladies Aid had a Bazaar in the fall held in the hall and an Irish Supper in March, also held in the hall.

The district of Holylea always got up a play for their Christmas tree concert and always came down and put it on at McConnell later in the winter.

The McConnell Christmas tree concerts were also held in the hall and ended with Santa handing out the gifts to the children.

The Ladies Aid also held a fowl supper each fall in the basement of the church followed by a concert.

In the early part of the 1930's horseshoe became popular and a tournament was held at least one year in McConnell.

Safety First "Safety First" 3 Act Play 1921
Back Row L. to R. - Mr. Arthur, Bill Knight, Jack Fowlie, Reg. Pangman, Arthur Allen
Front Row - Winnie (Hutchison) Fowlie, Edna (English) Emerson, Emily (Knight) Miller, Bessie McIntosh, Jean (Emerson) Pangman

School Play School Play
Back Row L. to R. - Edna Park, June Mansell, Gayleen Scott, Louise Swanson Front Row - Patsy Killoh, Rose Orchard, Joyce Mansell, Kathleen Nicholls, Muriel Nicholls

Orchestra Orchestra - Harmony Music Makers
L. to R. - Harvey Pollock, Don Pollock, Jack Boyd, George Pollock, Margaret Corley