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The following is from pages 79 to 80 of
McConnell Little Town Lost, 1982

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The first rink in McConnell was built in between the store and the lumber yard. It was just used for skating parties before World War I.

There was no rink then in McConnell until 1931, the skating being done on the sloughs. In 1930 a hockey team went to other rinks for a game or two but in 1931 the rink was again built between the store and Ross Richardson's place of business, which was where the lumber yard was originally. Ross Richardson supplied the lights from his Delco Plant and games with all the neighbouring towns of Hamiota, Cardale, Strathclair and Crandall were held.

Hockey players at this time were Frank, Lorne and Ab Richardson, Bob, Art and Bill Arbuthnott, Don, Joe, and Jim Pollock, Bob Beamish, Jack Morgan, Wes Morgan, and Bob King. Jim Brereton and Lawrence Findlay was manager.

In 1936 the rink was moved to a new location, east of the church. It was made larger in size, with a waiting room on the south side.

A well was drilled to provide water for making ice. Previous to this water to make the first ice had been hauled in with water tanks on sleighs.

The lights were provided by Manitoba Hydro which had arrived in the district by this time, but just to hook up the towns.

After World War II, hockey was once again in full swing. Players at this time were Harold, Doug, George, Tom, and Harvey Pollock, Murray and Bob Richardson, Gladwyn Scott, and Keith McConnell, etc.

Hockey Practice Hockey Practice on King's Slough
Back Row L. to R. - Don Pollock, ??, Art Arbuthnott, Ron McConnell, Frank Richardson, Jim Pollock, Lorne Richardson
Front Row - Bob Pollock, Bob Arbuthnott, Ab Richardson, Bob King


Girls Basketball Team Girls Basketball Team 1929 or 30
Back Row L. to R. - Mona Paterson, Mary Brown, Georgia McConnell, Alma Newton
Front Row - Georgie Smith, Doris Hogeland, Margaret Long