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McConnell Red Cross Society



The following is from pages 74 to 75 of
McConnell Little Town Lost, 1982

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The McConnell Red Cross Society was organized Dec. 6, 1939.

Mrs. McNaught outlined the necessary procedure to obtain a charter for the society, and also spoke on the work of the Red Cross.

First President was C. Corbett Brown, Vice-president Gordon Killoh and Secretory-Treasurer Jesse Richardson. The campaign committee of George McConnell, J.A. McConnell and W.A. McConnell was elected.

The Women's work committee consisted of Mrs. Douglas Emerson, Mrs. Walter Moffat, Mrs. William Pollock, Mrs. Jesse Richardson, Mrs. J.A. McConnell, Mrs. Jack Smith and Mrs. George Wright. The convenor was Mrs. Smith.

The Society held a successful rummage sale, social evenings every other week with the four groups plus Holyea-each being responsible for an evening.

The work committee distributed sewing and knitting to the women involved and sent in many bales of completed work, as well as quilts made by the groups. Many parcels were packed and sent to the boys who were overseas in the army, navy and airforce.

Officers through the years were: Presidents -- H. Asselstine, E.M. Partridge, Ken Pollock, Ron McConnell, Andrew Little, Norman Brown, Jack Wright, Harvey Pangman.

Vice-Presidents - R.L. Arbuthnott, James Killoh, Les Pangman, Bruce Parker, Jack Wright, Dave Johnson, D. Emerson, Garry Brown.

Secretary-Treasurers - F.A. Wilson, Alston Moffat, D. Emerson, Geo. Crighton, Eva Tibbatts, Joan Stanbridge, Norman Brown.

In later years the Red Cross canvassing was taken over by the Women's Institute and they still see to the collecting of the area's contributions.