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Mid-Week Groups



The following is from pages 71 to 74 of
McConnell Little Town Lost, 1982

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Most of the usual groups were organized at one time or another through the years. Young People's, under the leadership of Mrs. J.C. Richardson was one that gathered most of the young folk over sixteen, meeting weekly in the homes and providing a social evening with devotions and games.

Younger groups were Trail Rangers and Tuxis for the teen-age boys and C.G.I.T. and Explorers for the girls. These were led by the minister, his wife or often a school teacher. Young people of the district would help.

Later a young adult group was organized with the minister leading it. These groups, as well as the previous Y.P.S. put on several three-act plays, presenting them at all the surrounding communities. Directors were Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Jack Allen, Mrs. Chas. Miller, and Mrs. Satterthwaite.

Rev. Maxwell and Rev. Walmsley each had a Hi-C. group.

Mrs. Earl Newton and Mrs. Ron McConnell were leaders of the last Explorer group.

Mission Band took in grades 1-4 and met in the school, the teacher assisting the leader.

Boy Scouts, with Alan McCulloch, Rev. J. Maxwell and Jim Scott, organized at a later date.

Women's Auxiliary 1953 Women's Auxiliary - 1953
Back Row L. to R. - Mrs. Asselstine, Isobel Satterthwaite, Mrs. George McConnell, Mrs. Swanson, Nellie Pollock, Mrs. Crighton, Mary Brown, Ottolena Riddell, Mrs. Fowlie
Front Row - Mrs. Bert Knight, Winnie Fowlie, Mrs. Doug Emerson, Emily Syrnyk, Ella Brown

Women's groups: the Ladies' Aid, W.M.S., W.A. later combined to U.C.W., functioned through the years up to the time of church closure. At these meetings neighbours gathered to conduct business, plan fund raising events. These provided a good part of the social life of the community and the meetings kept the women in touch.

Ladies Meeting Ladies Meeting in the 20's
Standing L. to R. - Mrs. Aylmer McConnell, Nettie ??, Annie Pangman, Mary Knight (behind), Edna Emerson
Front Row - Mrs. George McConnell and Georgie, Mrs. Fowlie, Mrs. King, Mrs. R. Emerson

Last Church Service 1972 Following Last Church Service 1972
Back Row L. to R. - Mary Thompson, Sally Parker, Mary Baldwin, Susan Wright, Carol Parker, Phyllis McConnell and Baby
Second Row L. to R. - Irene Thompson, Eleanor Baldwin, Mabel Wright, Ottolena Riddell, Eloise Hyndman, Doug McConnell
First Row L. to R. Lisa McConnell, Elinor Thompson, Julie McConnell, Myrna Moffat, Sheila Thompson
Front Row L. to R. Bob Riddell, Bert Baldwin, Jim Scott, Bill Thompson

Explorers 1967 Explorers 1967
Back Row L. to R. - Olive Newton, Karen-Ann Pollock, Carol Parker, Nora McConnell, Elaine McConnell
Front Row - Eunice Newton, Holly Johnston, Debbie Nykoliation, Susan Wright

Explorer Float 1967 Explorer Float Centennial Year 1967
L. to R. - Karen-Ann Pollock, Elaine McConnell, Nora McConnell, Eunice Newton, Holly Johnston, Olive Newton, Debbie Nykoliation, Carol Parker

Centenial Gathering Jim Scott Addressing Centennial Gathering 1967