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Baby Band



The following is from pages 69 to 70 of
McConnell Little Town Lost, 1982

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The Baby Band was organized about 1944. The first meeting was held at Mrs. Bert Knight's. Mrs. D. Emerson, Mrs. J. Fowlie, Mrs. G. Killoh, and Mrs. Jess Richardson were some of our leaders and superintendents. Each child received a diploma to graduate into Mission Band. Money was raised in the 1950's for the new hospital. During the 50's we had large attendance of both children and mothers. In Nov. of 1960, the Baby Band disbanded and all money was turned over to the Cradle Roll and some mothers became members of our U.C.W.

Baby Band 1949 Baby Band Graduation 1949
L. to R. - Marilyn Pollock, Lynne Pollock, Terry Jenkins, Robert Syrnyk, Lorna Richardson, Beth Fowlie

Baby Band 1950 Baby Band Graduation 1950
L. to R. - Sharon Richardson, Cheryl McDougall, Bert Newton, Faye Pollock, Lynne Robinson, Garnet Hyndman

Baby Band 1953 Baby Band Graduation 1953
L. to R. - Wayne Brown, Bonnie Hyndman, Lee Pollock, Barbara-Anne Scott, Ricky Robinson, Judy Richardson

Baby Band 1959 Baby Band Graduation 1959
L. to R. - Susan Wright (visitor), Elaine McConnell, Allan Wright, Larry Paterson, Joyce Jenkins, Barbara Wright