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Sunday School



The following is from pages 50 to 52 of
McConnell Little Town Lost, 1982

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Sunday School must have started almost as soon as the church. Many teachers and scholars gave time and talent to promote the spiritual growth of the community. R.F. Middleton was first superintendent, and John Killoh served many years as honourary superintendent.

Mrs. J.A. McConnell and later Mrs. Ross Richardson played the organ and led the singing. Teachers were some of the mothers, and school teachers who helped in all phases of community life, plus the older girls, and young people with musical ability assisted at the organ.

Other superintendents were Jack Smith, Corbett Brown, Mrs. J.C. Richardson and Mrs. Ron McConnell.

The Sunday School picnic was an annual event, held at Salt Lake. If it rained, muddy roads were a big factor as far as getting home. Races, a ball game, visiting and good food with lots of ice cream satisfied everyone. For some years also, the Sunday School purchased the gifts for the children's Christmas concert.

The Cradle Roll department had a separate superintendent. Mrs. George McConnell served in this capcity for many years, and others were Mrs. W. Satterthwaite and Mrs. Hector Paterson.

Sunday School Sunday School:
Back Row L. to R. - Vaughn Wilson, Joyce Jenkins, Elaine McConnell, Margaret Wright
Front Row - Carol Parker, Scott Pollock, Larry Paterson, Darwin Hamilton, Neil Wilson, Eileen Paterson (teacher)

Sunday School Sunday School:
Marion Paterson (teacher), Irene Thompson, Linda Newton, David McConnell, Hugh Wilson

Sunday School Sunday School:
Back Row L. to R. - Winnie Longmuir, Eunice Newton
Centre Row - Linda Newton, Doug Longmuir, Darwin Hamilton, John Thompson, Dean McConnell, Irene Thompson
Seated - Hugh Wilson, Brian Moffat, Leila Paterson, Ross Thompson

Sunday School Sunday School Class 1965:
L. to R. - Ross Thompson, Eddie Longmuir, Linda Newton, Leila Paterson, Kathy Wilson, Hugh Wilson, Brian Moffat

Sunday School Sunday School Class:
Reverend Harland
L. to R. - Doug Longmuir, Dean McConnell, Murray Moffat, John Thompson, Murray Newton, David McConnell, Glen Skayman, Eunice Newton, Linda Skayman, Irene Thompson, Holly Johnson

Sunday School Sunday School:
Back Row Murray Moffat, Glen Skayman, Brent Pollock, ??, Raymond Allen
Front Row John Thompson, Doug Longmuir, Eunice Newton, Linda Skayman