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The following is from pages 48 to 50 of
McConnell Little Town Lost, 1982

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In the fall of 1953 a small kindergarten was formed in our community. The classes were held in the homes of the various teachers. Eloise Hyndman (1953-1959) was the first teacher. Classes were held on Wednesday afternoons and each child paid 25c. Some members of the first class were: Marilyn McConnell, Hazel Murray, Heather Chappell, Wendy Mansell, and Marlene Pollock. Through the years many more were to follow.

The children took part in many concerts in the old community hall. Generally one of the first items on the Christmas Tree program was a number by these little ones. In 1959 Nora McConnell took over the kindergarten classes. Other later teachers were Gwen Hamilton and Vi Emerson. The last kindergarten classes in McConnell were again taught by Nora McConnell.

Kindergarten 1966 Kindergarten 1966:
Teacher - Viola Emerson
Back Row L. to R. - Dawn Hedley, Margo Johnston, Julie McConnell, Kathy Wilson, Eleanor Baldwin
Front Row L. to R. - Ross Thompson, Ray Baldwin, Gordon Longmuir, Paul Emerson, David Bell, Bradley Smith

Kindergarten 1967 Kindergarten 1967:
Back Row L. to R. - Gordon Longmuir, Mervin McMurachy, Bruce Robinson, Julie McConnell, Margo Johnston, Dawn Hedley
Front Row L. to R. - Paul Emerson, Brian Bell, Myrna Moffat, Cameron McConnell, Ray Baldwin

Kindergarten 1968 Kindergarten 1968:
Teacher - Nora McConnell
Back Row L. to R. - Douglas McConnell, Cameron McConnell, Larry McMurachy, Robert Bell, Eleanor Thompson
Front Row - Brian Bell, Linda McMurachy