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Village of McConnell



The following is from pages 11 to 12 of
McConnell Little Town Lost, 1982

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About the same time as Mr. Thompson bought Mr. Nichol's business in 1951, Mr. Elgin Hyndman moved the old residence from his farm NW 32-14-22 into McConnell. It was situated on the south-east corner lot where the original J.F. Simmie house had stood. This building was re-modeled and used as a pool room. The business was open mainly in the winter months and was eventually closed and sold to Mr. William McCormick Jr., of Cardale. It was moved to his farm, SW 2-15-22 and used as his residence.

The general store was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Opruk by Mr. Allen in 1952. They continued to operate the store until Mr. Opruk's death. Mrs. Opruk continued for a few years but found the task too great and in 1970 held an auction sale and closed the store. It had been in operation from 1911 until 1970. Mrs. Opruk then retired to Hamiota. The store was torn down.

The blacksmith shop was closed when Mr. Swanson's health failed. It was later demolished. Mr. Atkinson's house, after his death, stood vacant and was burned down by a grass fire. The manse had closed because ministers now resided in Strathclair and only came to McConnell for Sunday Services. The manse was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Emerson who moved it to Hamiota. The teacherage was sold when the school became unitized. The railway was torn up in May 1979 and the Pool elevator closed its doors and now belongs to Bill Chappell. The agent's residence on the north end of town was sold and moved away. Mr. Harry Nicholls' house was demolished, also William Arbuthnott's house and the early Canadian Elevator residence. All that remains of the corner of Main and Railway is the former shop Bob Arbuthnott put there in 1931, and it is in the process of being torn down. The station still stands, the hall, bought by W. Thompson, and sold to Pic Brereton.

A bulldozer has cleared away all evidence of the business and residential section except for the Fat Stock Show stables on the former primary school grounds, the former Consolidated School which was remodeled and is now the Community Centre, the former church building with its lovely grounds, the remains of the old out-door rink and the Ross Thompson residence. So closes another chapter in the development of the "West".

We acknowledge with thanks the assistance of the Council and clerks of the Hamiota Rural Municipality who made available early tax rolls for research purposes. Any ommissions or errors were not intentional and we regret any people or places left out which contributed in any way to the enrichment of the McConnell community.

"McConnell as McConnell was .... gone."
Submitted by The Crighton's Myrtle and George


George McCormick, Mr. Simpson, MacLennan, Hawes, Wolfe, Peck, Lutes, McLeod, Marchand, Ross, Baisley, Lamb, and Johnson.


Frank Clark, Charlie Kiech, Thos. Ball, Wilson Satterthwaite, Dale Berg, J.W. Wright, Frank Kolodka, Alec Hoplock.
John Meakin, W.M. Atkinson, Lorne Campbell, Harry Nicholls, Earl Poole, Jim Stitt, Link, Cliff Wrightson, C. Mundell, L. Antonation.