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McConnell Little Town Lost, 1982

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Viola Dale School Viola Dale 1907
Row L. to R. - Mary (King) Knight, Jennie (McConnell) Simmie, Bill Pollock, Sadie (Pollock) Armson, Miss Unission (teacher)
Centre Row - John Brown, Bert Dennis, Myrtle (King) Hogeland, Allan Brown
Front Row - Merle Mathison, Chris Mathison, Eunice (King) McNeil, Harvey Pangman, Violet (McConnell) Causey, Eileen Brown, Gladys (Brown) Hyndman, Leslie Pangman

In 1884 it was decided that a school would be built on the NW1/4 36-14-23, and the board appointed - Frank Middleton, Reuben Pangman Sr., and Joe Brown.
A one-room school house was completed in 1885. The contractor was James McCance and the cost of the building was $125.00. The first teacher was Kate Templeton hired for $35.00 a month. In 1888 a blackboard was installed and in 1896 a well was dug and cribbed by E.G. Butcher at the rate of .70 a foot.

For the next few years some of the teachers hired were Mr. A.J. Tufts for one year, Mr. H.E. Hicks for five years, Miss Allyson Adams, followed by Mrs. Haacke. Salaries varied from one year to another --$30.00 a month to as much as $50.00.

Church and Sunday School were held in the school house until the Viola Dale Church was built in 1905, one mile north of the school.

The Viola Dale School was well known for its summer picnic held on July first each year on the east side of the Oak River, adjacent to the post office and school. Baseball games and other sports along with a picnic meal was enjoyed by those who travelled miles to spend the day.

This district also had a cemetery, located on the east side of the Oak River. Many of the pioneers were buried here, and later their remains were moved to the Hamiota Cemetery.

School classes continued at Viola Dale until 1920 when McConnell School became consolidated absorbing some of the rural school's families into its district. Many had attended the country school during the years, and some of the family names known were Middleton, Pangman, Willis, Browns, Levins, Pollocks, Armsons, Michalls, Warrens, Richardsons, Palmers, McConnells, Kings, etc. Following the closing of Viola Dale School the building was purchased by Andrew Pollock, torn down and the lumber was used in the building of a portion of the barn on his farm. The school porch still stands on the Pollock farm one mile south of the McConnell village site.

VIOLA DALE SCHOOL 1885-1919 Teachers
1885 - Kate Templeton
1887 - Ida Lynch
1889 - Miss Templeton
1891 - A.J. Tufts
1892 - H.E. Hicks
1896 - Allyson Adams
1898 - Mrs. Haacke
1900 - S.G. Brown
1901 - R.F. Middleton
1904 - S.G. Brown
1905 - Anna Unission
1908 - Alice Kirk
1908 - Miss McNutt
1909 - Esther Hyndman
1910 - Mary Rankin
1911 - Jessie Allen
1912 - Grace Sutherland
1914 - Miss Craven
1914 - Gertie Winstone
1916 - Margo Haacke
1916 - Miss Johnson
1917-1919 - Miss MacCallum

PUPILS 1886-1888
Mabel Middleton
Annie Willis
Rebecca Pangman
Margaret Pangman
Lillian Levins
Ida Levins
Eva Levins
Clara Brown
Maud Brown
Ethel Warren
Lizzie Michall
Roland Middleton
Harold Armson
Roland Willis
Caton Willis
Richard Palmer
Frank Richardson
Andrew Pangman
Reuben Pangman
James Pangman
Charles Brown
Wellington Brown
William Warren
Percy Warren
Milton Warren
Francis Palmer