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The following information is from page 97 to 104 of Crandall History Book, 2000.

Family Histories:
Lewis; Littlejohn; Long; Lyng

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Lewis, Charles William and Janie
Charlie is the eldest son of Sid and Cora (Haight) Lewis. He was born at Makinak, Manitoba on July 17, 1920. His family moved to Crandall in March 1926. He attended the Crandall school and the Chumah United Church. He spent his boyhood days helping his dad on the farm, formerly the homestead of his grandfather. In 1942 he joined the Canadian Army Service, serving in Canada, Britain, and Europe. While there he met and married Janie Thom of Mauchline, Scotland. After the War they returned to the Crandall-Hamiota district and spent 47 years farming here. In 1947 they had the heartbreak of losing their first born son. Their second son, Sidney John was born in 1949. He married Terry Webber in December 1973. Their history will appear elsewhere in this book. In 1992 Janie and Charlie bought a house in Hamiota and plan on enjoying a long retirement.

Lewis, Irvine Sidney
Irvine was the second son born to Sidney Smith and Cora Elizbeth Lewis at Makinak, Manitoba on June 1, 1922. The family moved to the Crandall District in March of 1926. He attended the Crandall school and the Chumah Church. He helped his father farm until 1969, the time of his father's death. He then farmed for his mother and also purchased land of his own. He married Esther Nett in February 1983.
He suffered a heart attack in June of 1983 and passed away at the age of 61.

Lewis, Jack and Ruth
Jack was born and raised at Crandall, in 1936. In 1954, he was employed with the Royal Bank in Winnipeg, Manitoba. January 10, 1959, he married Ruth Anderson of Roblin, Manitoba. We started our married life in Winnipeg, then had transfers to Shoal Lake, Portage la Prairie, Beausejour, Atikokan, Ontario and lastly, Crystal City, Manitoba.
Our family consists of four children: Reginald John (1959), Wayne Allan (1961), Kathleen Ann (1964) and Bradley James (1965).
In 1971 we moved to Crystal City and lived above the old bank. In the spring of 1973, we purchased the yard site and 25 acres on 13-2-12 from Harvey Smith and Les McKitrick.
Jack was the bank manager here for fourteen years and in November 1984 after thirty years of banking, we took over managing the Shell Bulk dealership. We also have a 100-cow/calf operation, and raise registered quarter horses. Jack is an auctioneer for farm and household auctions, and does the cattle auctions at Pilot Mound Auction Mart.
Reg died accidentally on May 5, 1997. His wife Janet and two children Kyle (9 years) and Amanda (7years) live in Oakbank, Manitoba. Wayne and Lisa with two boys, Gregory (15 years) and Michael (11 years) live in Belmont, Manitoba. Wayne drives a truck for Praxair and Lisa is a Teacher's Assistant at a Hutterite Colony and secretary for Belmont School. Kathy and Garry Avery farm at Clearwater, Manitoba and have four children, Nicole (14 years), Jennifer (9 years) Krystal (7 years) and B.J. (Billy- 6 years). Garry drives a school bus and Kathy is a Teacher's Assistant at Pilot Mound school. Brad and Janie live in Crystal City with their two children, Megan (4 years) and Matthew (2 years). Bradley drives a truck for Agro Tech and Janie works for the Royal Bank.
Retirement is fast approaching for us, and we plan on retiring here. Jack will always have to have a cow and horse around.

Lewis, James Wesley and Family
James is the fifth child born to Sidney Smith and Cora Elizabeth Lewis. He was born February 9, 1929 on the home farm at Crandall. He worked for neighbours for seven years on their farms. Then for seven years he was employed with the Manitoba Telephone System. In February 1963, he moved to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba and worked for 28 years for Campbell's Soup. He is now enjoying retirement.
On May 1, 1971 he married Joan Carruthers. She was born at Grandview, Manitoba. She worked for Mutual Insurance, Campbell's Soup, drove a school bus for 13 years and is now employed as a Corrections Officer.
Our son Howard Mark was born in 1970. He lives at home at the present and is employed as a cook at the Prairie Manor. He has a daughter Tempest Dawn who is three years old.
Our daughter Kori Leigh was born in 1972. She took her education in Portage, and is employed at the Wee World Day Care Centre. Kori married Jim Roe on March 6, 1993. Jim works for Sooter Studios.

Lewis, Rodney and Bernice (nee Kirk)
We are continuing on with farm life- still at the farm we moved to in 1960, formerly owned by my Kirk Grandparents and. Uncle Mip Kirk. Our four children grew up here on SE 8-14-24, the elder three attending school in Crandall for a few years, but moved to Hamiota to complete their education.
Anita graduated in 1973 and went to Brandon, Manitoba that summer to the University to upgrade her music theory. She had taken piano lessons from Vi Smith for 10 years, and was now ready to enter the School of Music. After one year, she decided to get married. She and Gordie Allan (born and raised in Hamiota, but by then was residing in Brandon) were married on July 13, 1974 and celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in 1999. They have two sons, Dale and Darren, who have both graduated from the Brandon University. Dale is now a Corrections Officer at the Brandon Correctional Institute. He is married to Tanya Strain of North Battleford, Saskatchewan. They met in University, and they have a three-year-old son, Dylan. Darren studied Business Administration and is still searching for a position in his chosen field. In the meantime he is employed as a Service Assistant at Sleepland. Anita works at the university and over a six-year period of night and summer school courses, received her B.A. in Business Administration in 1993. Gordie works at Webber Printing as a Sales Manager.
Our second daughter, Anne attended the Brandon School of Nursing upon graduating from high school, and started her nursing career in The Pas, Manitoba in 1977. She was there for two years, and married Bud McLaughlin of The Pas on October 10, 1981. They moved to Estevan, Saskatchewan where he is a journeyman machinist at Waterflood Sales and Service and has worked up to the foreman position. Anne has been nursing for 22 years. They have three daughters; Stacy is 18 and looking ahead to university, Jodi is 6 and in school and Brittany is 3.
Don had been helping on the farm as he grew up, but after high school, was hired at Henderson Distributing, a wholesale lumber company in Brandon. He was in the office, then moved on to become a travelling salesman. He was there 14 years before deciding to find something more fulfilling, and now works at Foreman Honda in Brandon. He married Jo-Anne English of Brandon on May 29, 1989 and they have a daughter Samantha who is 9.
Doug works on the farm with his Dad. They have worked as high as ten-quarter sections, but are now starting to cut back. Doug is buying a section from us, and also works for both Prairie Concrete and Wheat City Concrete throughout the spring, summer and fall. He is single and lives in Hamiota.
When our children were younger, Rod served on the Crandall Rink Board and was also a director of the Manitoba Pool Elevators. After Crandall school closed and the children transferred to Hamiota, he was the Secretary Treasurer for the Hamiota Minor Hockey League, and managed and coached some baseball and hockey. He was on the Hamiota Hall Board, and has now been a director of Hamiota Co-Op Ltd. for 12 years. In 1999 we sold the last of our cattle, so for the first time in 48 years, we own no cattle. As well as the cattle we sold all the livestock related machinery, so there's no chance of re-entering livestock production. Rod has really missed doing chores this winter, as he has only one cat to feed each day. One of his interests in later years has been a modest collection of antique John Deere two- cylinder tractors that he tries to maintain in parade ready condition. For years, whenever anyone asked him when he was going to quit work, he'd tell him or her, that as soon as it became work, he'd quit farming. He still loves farming and the work involved is his favourite past time. But with the present worldwide depressed grain prices and the ever-increasing costs of production, most of the joy has been taken out of farming. At 72, for the first time ever, he's starting to consider retirement.
Rod & Bernice Lewis I, Bernice, am still active in church and community work. I sang in the Hamiota United Church Choir for many years, and now try to help out occasionally with the Senior Choir. I have been in the U.C.W. for many years and have held most of the offices, some of them many times over, but am glad I was able to do my share, and I'm still helping out where I can. Our Chumah Ladies Club has disbanded, but we managed to be an organization for 45 years after our church closed in 1953, and we "girls" still get together for coffee from time to time to keep in touch.
Our life is not as busy as it used to be, but we're thankful to have good health and happiness as we approach retirement years.

Lewis, Sidney John and Theresia Marie (nee Webber)
The Lewis Family An update on Theresia (Terry) from the last history book is as follows. I completed my education at Hamiota Collegiate, graduating in June 1973. I worked at Schimmell's Dutch Bakery after graduation until December 28, 1973. At this time I married Sid Lewis of Hamiota. We resided in the town of Hamiota until the fall of 1977, then moved to our farm 4 1/2 miles west of town at NW 9-14-24 where we currently reside.
Over the years Sid worked at the Co-Op lumberyard and IGA grocery store in town until 1979 when he gained employment with the Blanchard, Hamiota, Miniota, Woodworth Weed Control district as Weed Supervisor where he is still employed.
Our first son, Nathan James, was born in 1979. After completing all his education at Hamiota School, he attended Assiniboine Community College in Brandon where he completed Level 1 in carpentry. At present he resides in Hamiota. He enjoys hunting and trapping.
Our second son, Adam Michael was born in 1983. He is currently completing his education at Hamiota Collegiate. He is a volunteer leader with the Hamiota Cubs and Scouts, and is a member of the Strathclair Air Cadets. His future is unknown at this time. He enjoys motorcycles, music and ATV's.
Our third son, Patrick Scott, was born in 1992, being the New Years baby at Hamiota that year. He presently attends Hamiota Elementary school. He belongs to the local Boy Scouts as a Cub, and enjoys riding horses, motorcycles and ATV's.
Around 1979 we began accumulating Jersey milk cows, just for milk for the house. Then as the herd grew, shipping cream and finally shipping milk from 1993 to August 1999. At this time we decided to sell our milk quota and herd of 60 registered Jersey cattle, hoping to ease into a normal lifestyle.
I worked in the Hamiota Post Office from 1984 to 1993 until the dairy demanded more of my time. After selling the dairy, I have come to be involved in woodworking and work part time at Rawlings Home Hardware in Hamiota.
Over our married life we have been involved with whatever activities the kids were in. As well, we enjoy horseback riding and cross country skiing when time allows. In 1984 Sid was chairman of the Hamiota Centennial Committee, and is now chairing the 2000 Millennium Committee. In addition to the dairy and our jobs, we also ventured into sheep, mink and upholstery for a few years. Presently Sid keeps a few silver foxes and does some fur trapping during the winter months. As for the future? Who knows, but no doubt it will be entertaining.

Littlejohn, Lyle
After graduating from high school in Crandall in 1954, Lyle joined the Royal Bank in Miniota, Manitoba. This was the beginning of a banking career that would span some 43 years.
In 1958 Lyle married Margaret Scarth of Isabella, Manitoba. They lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the early years of their marriage. Their four children were all born in Winnipeg: Bruce in 1961, James in 1963, Douglas in 1966 and Carol in 1967.
It was in 1970 that a transfer with the Royal Bank took the family to Freeport, Bahamas. This began a series of moves that brought many new and interesting experiences. Over the years, subsequent postings included Montreal, Kingston, Jamaica, New York, Barbados, Toronto, Honduras, and the Cayman Islands.
Now retired, Lyle and Marg live in the village of Midhurst, Ontario near Barrie, just an hour from Toronto in one direction and an hour from their cottage in Muskoka in the other direction. They now have time to enjoy their family of six grandchildren who range in age from one to eight years.
Bruce and Sheila (Jellifo) and their children, Meagan and Jeffery live in Brampton, Ontario. Bruce is employed by Canadian Tire and Sheila operates a daycare.
Doug, Karen (Willis) and their children, Vicky and Spencer, also live in Brampton. Doug works for Scotia Bank and Karen is employed by the Province of Ontario.
Jamie and Lea Francis live in Toronto. Jamie works for IBM. Lea is a high school teacher in the York region. Carol lives in Seattle, United States with her husband, Scott Morrison and their daughters, Julia and Olivia. Carol stays at home with her children. Scott is part owner of Jorvey Roofing Company.

Littlejohn, Ron
After completing Grade 11 at Crandall High School in 1952, Ron attended Brandon College in 1952-53. He taught on a permit at a one room school near Morden, Manitoba in 1953/54 and completed the Teacher Training program at the Provincial Normal School in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1954/55. Upon graduation, Ron began a 35-year career in Education, all in the St. James School Division. He was a classroom teacher for ten years, a vice-principal for two years and an elementary school principal for 23 years at four different schools. During the early part of his career, Ron obtained through night school and summer school, a B.A. degree in 1962 and a B.Ed degree in 1966. Ron retired in June 1990 and presently resides on Winchester Street in St. James with his wife Linda Daniels (married in 1983) and daughter Catherine (born in 1985).
Catherine presently attends Silver Heights Collegiate. Because Linda is busy with her career as principal of Crestview Elementary School, Ron has assumed the role of house manager and thoroughly enjoys it.
Ron also is very proud of his two children from his first marriage to Joyce Bertnick (married in 1961). Brent born in 1963 is now the recreational director at Boissevain, Manitoba. Brent his wife, Clara Lamb, have one daughter, Megan. Bonnie, (born in 1967) works as a library technician for the Thunder Bay Hospital Library Services.

Littlejohn, W.Spence and Barbara G.
Littlejohn Spence Littlejohn, second son of Thomas Monroe Littlejohn and Catherine Hyndman, was born in 1910. In 1934 he married Barbara Wallace, born in 1911, third daughter of Robert Bruce Wallace and Barbara Sutherland. Other than a few short years, Spence and Barbara lived all their lives in the Miniota Municipality. Their only absences from the municipality were when Spence attended university in Winnipeg, when he later served with the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II, when Barbara attended Normal School and when she taught school in the Rorketon area in the early 1930's. Following their marriage, they farmed south east of Arrow River, the farmhouse being located on 20-13-25. Their three children were born there, Ron in 1935, Lyie in 1937, and Catherine in 1939.
It was during the 40's and 50's that the Littlejohn family was most closely associated with Crandall. With Spence overseas during WWII, Barbara and the three small youngsters resided in Crandall. Both Ron and Lyle attended elementary school at that time. In 1945, following Spence's discharge from the Air Force, the family returned to the farm at Arrow River. The children then attended school at Arrow River until their high school years, Between 1949 and 1954 they returned to school in Crandall. Even while attending Arrow River school, the family was still very much a part of the Crandall community, taking part in various sporting activities, attending Saturday night movies and shopping in town. The Littlejohn family has many fond and happy memories of time in Crandall, and believes the education received particularly the high school level under the guidance of George Dibblee, provided an excellent foundation for future endeavours.
Barbara and Spence continued to farm until the 70's. In addition, Spence provided valuable tax advice and assistance to farmers, merchants, and residents of the surrounding communities for many years. The months of February, March and April were extremely busy for Barbara and Spence in the preparation and completion of income tax returns. They remained on the farm until Spence's sudden death of a heart attack in 1983. Following his death, Barbara sold the farm and purchased a home in Miniota, Manitoba where she lived until 1998. At that time the house was sold and she moved into Parkissmo Lodge in Miniota where she still resides. During Barbara's 17 years in Miniota, she has been a keen participant in a variety of seniors' activities and enjoys and takes particular pride in her 10 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren.

Long, Douglas John and Darlene (nee Webber)
Doug & Darlene Long Douglas John Long was born in Stonewall, Manitoba in 1938. He attended school in Crandall. Upon completion of high school, he worked at Lawlor and Strange until he got his gas fitters license. He then worked for George Kennel as a furnace installer.
He married Florence Elsie Darlene Webber (Reid) on March 2, 1974. Doug adopted Darlene's two daughters, Penny Suzanne and Patricia Louise. Doug then drove fuel trucks for Cliff Lyng, Gulf Oil in Hamiota, Imperial Oil agent Garry Kidd and later with Shell Oil from Decker. He had a change of occupations and started to work at Bruces Four Seasons in Virden as a Recreational Vehicle Technician for 10 years, until becoming employed with the Rural Municipality of Miniota. Doug currently works as waste manager.
I have worked for 26 years as the Crandall Postmistress, mother and TOPS coordinator. We purchased the Crandall store form Sheila Wallace in 1975, moving the Post Office to that location. The store was closed in 1977 and we moved the Post Office back to our house.
Our daughter Lynda Leigh was born in 1977.
We enjoy camping, fishing, travelling, gardening and old time dancing. In 1999 we bought a new mobile home and the lot next door. We moved the Post Office over to that location and attached it to the mobile home. Our daughter's Penny Voth, Pat Larret and Lynda Long's histories will appear elsewhere in this book.

Long, Lynda
Lynda Leigh graduated from Hamiota Collegiate in June of 1995 with her high school diploma as well as a degree in floral design. After living and working in Brandon for 1 year as a florist and running her own licensed daycare, she moved to Winnipeg. In 1998 she attended school to get her Class 1A license. Lynda also obtained her diploma in Interior Design.
She currently lives in our old house when she isn't on the road for a transport company out of Winnipeg. Driving a semi has provided her the opportunity to see much of the country. She and her partner Steve Carlisle have travelled from Vancouver to Edmonton to Montreal and all the stops in between. She has also been to many states in the USA such as Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Long, Walter and Vera (nee Douglas)
Walter retired from the railroad in 1977, and they remained living in Crandall. Walter, due to his years of railroading was a man of habit. He always went to Miniota on Fridays, Virden on Saturdays, and they usually went for a Sunday drive to somewhere in Manitoba or Saskatchewan. The rest of the week was spent on his gardens. During his retirement years, Walter took great pride in his yard and garden and also spent many hours mowing grass around the town to keep every thing looking neat and tidy.
Vera passed away on April 11, 1992. Walter moved into Park Residence in Hamiota in October 1996 due to failing health, and passed away on March 11, 1997. They are buried in the Miniota cemetery.

Long, Wayne and Harolyn
I was born in Hamiota, Manitoba in 1951. I am the youngest son of Walter and Vera Long. I attended school in Crandall for grades 1-8, and then I attended Hamiota High School. As a youth, I was involved in Tyros- a Christian boys group, baseball and hockey. During the winter, my second home was the local rink skating, playing hockey and curling. As a teenager, I had a paper route and was the caretaker for the United Church and the rink.
At 18, I left Crandall and moved to Cranbrook, British Columbia, working for the B.C. Forest Services the first summer, fighting forest fires. In September 1970, I was employed with the local sawmill where I worked for two years. I always had a dream of being a truck driver and admired the big trucks that used to go through Virden. In the fall of 1972, my dream became a reality when I went to work for Scott National in Cranbrook. I have been in the trucking industry ever since.
In 1973, I met my first wife Mary Haug from Waterton Park, Alberta. In the summer of 1973, we moved to Lethbridge, Alberta where we lived for three years. In the spring of 1974, Mary and I were married in Waterton Park. In 1974, we saw the arrival of our daughter Kimberly Irene.
In November of 1976, I accepted a position with Direct Systems in Cranbrook, B.C., so we were on the move again. We lived there until 1984 when Direct closed their Highway division and I was transferred to Lethbridge.
In 1987, Mary and I were divorced.
In 1988, I met my present wife, Harolyn Craig of Calgary Alberta. In February of 1989, we were married in Las Vegas Nevada. Harolyn has two sons Denton and Wylie who reside in Calgary.
In 1992, we moved to Creston, British Columbia where we operated a feed business for awhile. This was a good learning experience and we met many wonderful people.
In 1994 we moved to Coaldale, Alberta where I drove and then was a dispatcher for a grain hauling trucking company. In September of 1999, I suffered a heart attack and had a successful angyogram performed.
Since January 2000, I have been employed with Mullen Trucking of Alderside, Alberta, south of Calgary. After driving for six months, I have been transferred to dispatcher with one of their subsidiary companies. Cascade Carriers of Calgary. After I have tried this position for a month or so, we plan on moving to the High River/Calgary area which will enable us to be of more assistance to Harolyn's aging parents.
Kim is living in Lethbridge and has two children, Kaley and Jayden.

Lyng, Clifford Jennings Joseph and Stella Maude (nee Warren)
Cliff was born April 6, 1908 at Fertile, Saskatchewan. Stella was born January 15, 1914 at Amulet, Saskatchewan, the third child of Wallace Martin Warren and Maude Adams. They were married November 15, 1937. Cliff had a bulk oil dealership at Crandall for 38 years. They resided in Crandall until Cliff passed away September 11, 1974. After Cliff passed away Stella sold her house and moved to Virden, Manitoba where she lived until her passing December 19, 1987. They are buried in the Crandall cemetery.
Cliff and Stella had three children, Wallace Clifford Barry, born in 1938, Bonnie Marie, born in 1941 and William Bruce born in 1943.
Barry married Lynda Rae O'Connor in 1962. Barry worked in tire shops, eventually owning his own in Virden until 1984. Since that time he has been employed as a school bus driver for Fort La Bosse school division. Lynda has worked as a nurse in the Virden hospital for the past 32 years and has retired as of June 2000. Lynda and Barry have two children, Shelley Rae, born in 1962 and Kelvin (Kelly) Barry, born in 1964. Shelley is married to Randy Slater and has two daughters, Kaylee and Jenna. Randy owns Randy's Mens wear in Virden and Shelley is a registered nurse working at Virden Hospital. Kelly is married to Cheri Pringle and they have three children, Adam, Rae and Kelby. Kelly and Cheri live on a farm in the Oak Lake, Manitoba district. Kelly runs Neild's Auto Body shop in Virden and Cheri is a registered nurse working at Virden Hospital. Barry and Lynda are still busy with horses and following grandchildren around the rodeo circuit.
Bonnie married Archie (Orest) Zubrecki in 1966 in Calgary, Alberta. They had four children. Tracy married Rosa Delia Longa in Medicine Hat, Alberta. They have two children, Zachery and Mikala. Michelle married Blaine Harrison and lives in Dauphin, Manitoba. Trevor lives in Airdrie, Alberta. Cory has one son, Cee Jay and lives in Virden. Bonnie moved back to Crandall in 1980 and in 1981 she moved to Virden and has worked as a Nurses' Aide in the Sherwood Nursing Home for a number of years. She had the privilege of looking after her first school teacher, Miss. Johnson (Mrs. Borland).
William Bruce married Kathryn Shaw of Nesbitt, Manitoba on October 1, 1966. Bruce was employed by the Manitoba Telephone System for 33 years, taking early retirement in 1996. Kae retired from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in 1988. They currently live in Winnipeg and have two daughters. Tanna Marie, 1967 and Tara Colleen, 1968. Tanna Marie was married in 1995 and lives in Grand Prairie, Alberta. Tara Colleen was married in 1990 and lives in Winnipeg. Tara has one daughter, Bianca.