Crandall Church


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A Community Church

  Built in 1900.

  Prior to the contruction of the church, services were held at Carlingville
  School, 1886-1900.
  Was used by the Anglican, Methodist, and Presbyterian members.
  Became a United Church of Canada in 1925.
  Houses the Crandall Community Roll of Honour. 1914-1918;

(Information from Pastoral Charge Pamphlet, 1955-2000)

The church of Crandall represents the hearts, minds, and wills of many, who built a symbol of hope and Christian witness. Completed by 1900, Crandall Church was firmly established as a community church: Methodists, Presbyterians and Anglicans all worshipped and shared the sanctuary of Crandall Church.

1925 saw the Union of Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregationalist and United Evangelican congregations, forming the United Church of Canada. As part of the United Church of Canada, Crandall also moved, along with many other churches, to form Pastoral Charges. The Crandall community, originally one of the many Methodist preaching stations, eventually partnered with other churches in the area. First with Miniota, and then later in 1955, Crandall joined with Oak River and Moline to be a pastoral charge.

Since 1955, Crandall United Church has contributed significantly to the growth and development of many people in their faith. There have been countless people involved in different organizations and even two women formerly of Crandall who were overseas missionaries. Today we not only celebrate the building of this house of God, but also the family of God, which has been nurtured in this place of worship.

Time brings change. Rural communities are not exempted. In fact once thriving towns of yesterday have felt the effects of change much more so than urban centres; that includes the rural churches and more specifically Crandall United Church.

As indicated above in 1955, Crandall and Oak River congregations united to form a pastoral charge. This has proven to have been a highly satisfactory union from the standpoint of both church families. To this day, there exists a true spirit of cooperation, consideration and mutual respect one for the other. As a result many lasting friendships attest to the high level of true Christian comradeship in evidence throughout the pastoral charge relationship.

The Crandall congregation has always been happy and honoured to have had the Oak River folks worshipping with them on several occasions in past years. Today is certainly no exception. In fact, as this is the last regular service to be held in Crandall Church (next Sunday will be our 100th anniversary service and official closure) it is of particular note that this is a joint service. Crandall congregation extends a very warm and cordial welcome to the folks from Oak River with special welcome to the Oak River choir. That welcome also applies to all those who may be visiting with us today.

We are indeed appreciative and grateful to all those who have so willingly agreed to assist in this service today.

May the spirit of God move amongst and within us as we worship together and also as we look forward to the next several days of true Christian fellowship.

Thanks to Rev. D. Morton and Rev. T. Delgaty for a brief history of the life of Crandall Church.

  Rev. Rawson 1882
Rev. Long 1885
Rev. McHaffie
Rev. Murchison
Rev. T. Beynon
Rev. S. Irvine
Rev. Huntsman
Rev. Hughes
Rev. S. Stewart
Rev. J. Watson
Rev. John Inglis
Rev. John Brown
Rev. R. Hunter
Rev. W. Beattie
Rev. Berry
Rev. J. Pate
Rev. Smith 1899
Rev. Ousterhout
Rev. Cann

Rev. Crookshanks
Rev. Dr. Talbot 1913
Rev. Price
Rev. T. Pierson
Rev. T. Brady 1922
Rev. Robertson
Rev. Radley
Rev. Kippen 1934
Rev. McNair
Rev. Stevens
Rev. McMillan
Rev. McFarlane
Rev. Bill
Rev. Nilson
Rev. Francis
Rev. Carruthers
Rev. Priebert
Rev. Christie
Rev. Bowins
Rev. T. McNiell
Rev. T. Delgaty
Rev. G. Barber
Pastor A. Rempel
Rev. D. Morton

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