World War II Remembered

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Front Cover
Front Cover

Book Description

"This is not intended to be a history of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps but a small collection of short stories of the recollections and experiences of a representative group of former members of the Corps.

In many ways it is unfortunate that we have waited so long to compile this volume as all to many of the would-be contributors have passed on and accordingly their wartime memories have gone with them.

The contributors to this volume to be known as "World War II Remembered" have almost entirely avoided the elements of death, damage and destruction associated with World War II and have turned their thoughts back to the people they met and to the more personal side of their days in Canada, England, Italy and North-West Europe. Time and the years have taken their toll on many of our surviving WWII Officers and we regret that a great number of them have been unable to participate in this publication"


About the Book

World War II Remembered: Memories and Recollections
The Royal Canadian Army Service Corps

Author: Alex Campbell Published: 2001 ISBN# 0968706606
337 pages, soft cover

Table of Contents
i. Frontispiece: Corps Badge World War II
v. Dedication
vii. Acknowledgement
ix. Introduction
xii. Photo: Cenotaph, A-19 Camp Borden, ON
xiii. Photo: Memorial, A-20 Red Deer, AB
xiii. Photo: Reunion Dinner, Toronto 1946

2. Captain Neil T. Gray
10. Major Dudley T. Thompson
22. Captain Sam G.K. Ault
28. Major Gordon P. Eligh
32. Major Gerald Walker, MBE
44. Lieutenant A.G. Bourk
48. Major G.P. Copeman
52. Lieutenant Arni R. Swanson
64. Major Ian L. Jennings
68. Lt.-Col. W.W. Coward
76. Lieutenant Rnold H. Smith
80. Staff Sergeant Lloyd Gillrie
86. Captain H.G. Browning
92. Captain Gordon C.L. Clark
96. Lieutenant Harry R. Patching
100. Lt.-Col. Harry B. Gow
108. Lieutenant W.R. Corner
114. Lt.-Col. Brian P. Hennessy
120. Lieutenant Donald McLean Irvine
131. Major Elliot Gluck
136. Lt.-Col. Jack E. Brawn
140. Lt.-Col. J.R. Rozee
156. Major M.J. Mason, MBE
162. Major Gen. Bruce J. Legge
166. Lieutenant Peter E. Reeve
172. Lieutenant Gordon S. Sutton
176. Major Roy B. Oglesby
190. Major Terence Oldford
198. Captain A. Graham Austin
208. Colonel J.H.C. Clarry, MBE
216. Major Robert G. Robarts
220. Lt.-Col. J. Harry McKenzie
226. Captain Murdoch A. MacPherson
234. Lieutenant David W. Slater
238. Captain Alexander Campbell

279. Appendices

333. Index & Abbreviations

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Captain Alex Campbell
33 Baby Point Crescent
Toronto, Ontario
M6S 2B7