John MacGregor V.C. Goodbye Dad

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John MacGregor V.C. Goodbye Dad
Author: James MacGregor Published: 2001 ISBN# 0969869983
260 pages, hard cover, 4 pages colour photos/maps

Table of Contents
1. The end is near
2. The early years: from birth to enlistment
3. The C.E.F. Enlistment to the Somme
4. A D.C.M. at Vimy Ridge
5. An M.C. but no Bar
6. The V.C. and a Bar to his M.C.
7. Settling Down: 1919 to 1929
8. The Prince of Wales Remembers
9. A Change of Status
10. World War II
11. The Last Post
12. MacGregor the Man
13. The Battle Before Cambrai. An eighty years secret?
14. Military Documents

Book Description

John MacGregor was born and educated in Nairn, Scotland. At age 20 he emigrated to Canada and by 1915 was trapping in the north of B.C. when a passing ranger told him Canada was at war. Although it was mid-winter. he trekked for five days through the bush to enlist.
The book has entailed extensive interviews with John's contemporaries in both wars. Deep research into the events surrounding the award of the V.C. reveal how regiments working together used different maps of the battlefield and crossed each others paths. This biography, written by elder son, James MacGregor, traces John's life, beliefs, and his finding he was able to command men.
The book tells of John's battles at Vimy, Hill 70, and Cambrai and of how he rose from private to captain with more awards for valour than any other Canadian soldier in all our history; In 1919 John left the army and worked as fisherman, carpenter, mason, and millwright, made a historic 1929 dash to attend the Prince of Wales dinner in London, and was a (failed) candidate in the 1933 provincial election. In 1940 he again enlisted as a private, was discovered, reprimanded, and commissioned major and rose to command the 2nd Canadian Scottish. This is a story of a strict Victorian father and his inability to show affection to his sons. A story of dedication to hard work, of pathos, of humour, and of how life was for Canadians in those early days of the 20th century

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