Skating Oval

Kiwanis River Park
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Located south of Lions River Park; east of the River Valley Campground.

Where's the beach?
For about 40 years, a very popular beach operated in this location, now known as Kiwanis River Park. The beach opened in the 1920's, and closed due to water pollution in the 1960's. Even though the beach is gone, Kiwanis River Park is still an active centre for sport and recreation. Boating and picnicking remain popular today. Since 1967, the Moose Jaw Kiwanis Speed Skating Club has also used the speed skating oval during the winter months.

The photo [on the actual information sign] provides clues to other events in Moose Jaw's early history. The largest brick building on the hill to the east was built as the Moose Jaw's Boys' College in 1912. It has since served as a senoirs nursing home and a personal care home. The big brick building near the College originally belonged to Wellington White, who owned and operated a brick factory located just across the road from where you are standing. His bricks were used throughout Western Canada. River Park Campground, formerly called the Tourist Camp, was built on the site in 1927 and, as of the turn of the century, was the oldest continuously operated campground in North America.
(Information from the Information Sign near the fire pit)