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Connor Park
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Located at the south western end of Wakamow.
Off of 9th Avenue SW.

End of the Line.
A very popular amusement park called Kingsway Park once occupied this site. In its heyday from about 1912 through the 1920's, as many as 5,000 people would flock to the park during the May long weekend. Attractions included a dance hall, shooting gallery, ferris wheel, merry-go-round, red dog casino, swimming area, boat rental and children's play area. The park was easy to get to because it was located at the end of the streetcar line. In fact, the Moose Jaw Electric Railway company built Kingsway Park, in order to attract Sunday riders and increase revenues. The streetcar service lasted until 1931; after that, Kingsway Park bus excursions were scheduled but were short lived due to a lack of success.

Connor Park is named for George Connor, the last owner of the Electric Railway Company. After the streetcars quit running, he purchased part of Kingsway Park and built a couple of cabins, including one converted from an old streetcar.

The amusement park, like the Electric Railway Company, came to the end of the line long ago. However, the roof of the old dance hall lives on as the roof of the present day pavillion.
(Information from the Information Sign near the pavillion)