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Memory Benches
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In addition to the numerous ordinary benches,
Wakamow also has many
"In Memory Of"; and "Donated By" ones.

Andrews, Neil
Brunsdon, Helen
Cedergren, Frank & Linnen
Clarke, Mac & Joyce
Cushway, Mickey
Dewhurst, Muriel
Dowse, Barrie
Dowse, Barrie
Duke, Donna
Dyck, Timothy David
Fox, Lion Al & Bernice
Fox, Lion Allan & Bernice
Friends of Wakamow
Gill, James
Graham, Mavis & Jim
Hagan, Nairn
Hanevelt, Bill & Grace
Hembroff, Myrtle & Bob
Holman, Kevin & Amy
Holman, Lillian
Hunchuk, Janet
Keens, Ruby & John
King, Eve
Konopaki, Walter
Letkeman, Catherine
MacDonald, Donald
MacDonald, Florence
McNaughton, Judy
Meier, Katlyn & Kagan
Morrison, Dennis
Mowers, Doreen & Thomas
Rogers, Tom
Rosso, Peggy
Sastaunik, Doug
Shook, Violet
Springett, Marg & Dick
Wasylyk, Judy & Orest
Wills, Jack