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McConnell 4-H



The following is from pages 59 to 63 of
McConnell Little Town Lost, 1982

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4H Clothing Club 4H Clothing Club:
Back Row L. to R. - Shirley Morgan, Margaret McMurachy, Frances Scott, Edith Wright, Fay Jenkins
Centre Row - Edwina Killoh, Barbara-Ann Scott, Heather Chappell, Linda Mundell, Bonnie Hyndman, Lynne Robinson
Front Row - Bonnie Mundell, Marilyn McConnell, Margaret Wright

4H Clothing Club Clothing Club Leaders and Mothers:
Back Row L. to R. - Nora McConnell, Phyllis Chappell, Grace Smith, Edith Killoh, Gwen Hamilton, Annie Robinson, Ettie Wright
Front Row - Marion Gallant and Lois Baker

4H Beef Club 4H Beef Club:
Back Row - Kenny Robinson, ??, Bill Chappell, Earl Mathison, Murray Mathison, Lee Pollock, Ronnie Mathison, Ricky Robinson, Garry Stewart, Delbert Brown
Centre Row - Ron McConnell, Norman Little (Leaders), Dawn McConnell, Heather Chappell, Janet Longmuir, Marilyn McConnell, Edwina Killoh, Margaret McMurachy, Jack McMurachy, Arnold Paterson, Roger Stewart, Bruce Paterson (Leader)
Front Row - Heather McNiven, Ross Mathison, Perry Longmuir, Jim McMurachy, Glen Sitnyk, Clayton Brown, Brian Stewart

4H Fat Stock Association and 4H Achievement Day

4H Beef Club Judging 4H Beef Club Calves

Aylmer McConnell Mr. Aylmer McConnell
Honoured for his years of service with Fat Stock Association - 1965

W.I. Trophy Presentation of W.I. Trophy for Champion 4H Calf
Catherine Boyd and Inza Pollock 1973

Provincial Champions 1930 Provincial Champions
L. to R. Don Pollock, Bob Pollock, Jim Pollock

John Thompson Provincial Champions
Norman Brown Presenting the Manitoba Pool Elevator Trophy to John Thompson for Champion 4H Beef Calf

Beef Club 1981 Beef Club 1981
L. to R. - Keith Bridge, Jack Boyd, Desmond Little, Lindsay Bridge, Ryan Bridge, Sheila Thompson, Carla Bridge, Margaret Boyd
Missing - Rena Little